The Turner Company manhole and water valve extension ring is designed to     raise castings to grade prior to or after resurfacing. The ring is an     injection-    moulded, polypropylene and fiberglass product that is resistant to     UV rays,     petroleum by-products, road salts, sewer condensates and meets all     Federal   loading requirements.
    Turner rings can be installed in under a minute. Turner manhole and water     valve risers have saved our customers millions of dollars, thousands of hours     and have solved all noise complaints from rattling lids. Please continue below     for additional product information and our installation guide.
    Click here to download technical specifications.

How to Measure:

  1. Remove manhole or water valve lid
  2. Measure the depth of seat which will determine ring thickness (1�, 1.5� or 2�).
  3. Note the thickness of asphalt to be paved (1� or 2�)
  4. Measure the diameter of manhole frame, not lid.

Please Note:

  • Often debris will accumulate around the utility lid. This can prevent an accurate measurement of depth required if the lid is not removed.
  • Turner manhole and water valve adjustment rings can be stacked to achieve required thickness.

Installation Guide:

- Remove cover from manhole or water valve frame.
- Clean frame.
- Select ring to fit frame.
- Place ring into frame to ensure that both flat surfaces are supported by frame.
- Slide cover into ring.
- Adjustment is complete and ready for resurfacing.

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