About Us

The F.J. Turner Company, Inc. was started by Frank J. Turner in 1977 after he was stuck in traffic for a considerable amount of time due to several manholes being adjusted.  While watching the amount of time and effort it took to adjust the manholes, Frank determined that a more efficient method, one that would save road crews substantial time and money, was needed.   After careful investigation and research, the Turner-Hall method was developed. The Turner-Hall method utilizes a polypropylene and fiberglass ring to quickly and safely adjust manholes and water valves. Unlike metal and concrete rings, Turner adjustment rings are not susceptible to rust and road salts, nor do they weigh so much that multiple persons are required for installation.

All Turner adjustment rings are manufactured under strict quality guidelines at a state-of-the-art facility in Texas. Wherever possible, environmentally conscientious procedures are followed in the production of Turner adjustment rings. Turner manhole adjustment rings are available in a huge variety of sizes to meet the various demands of our customers.

Since receiving patent and initial customer approval by 1982, nearly 2,000,000 Turner manhole rings have been installed in 50 states and across Canada.  Our rings allow the user to adjust their casting in as little as 30 seconds, saving millions of dollars in manpower time, minimizing traffic interruptions, and solving noise complaints from rattling manhole lids.

Turner Manhole Risers