Turner manhole riser rings address a major dilemma facing today’s street maintenance departments by raising manhole castings to grade quickly and inexpensively, yet permanently.  Conventional methods of raising manhole castings by brick and mortar are costly in terms of both time and money.  And cast iron extension rings are a quick means of raising castings; however they are prone to crack or pop-out of asphalt.  The Turner Company ring combines the benefits of the two conventional methods while eliminating the complications of time and durability often associated with them.  Turner rings can be installed in under a minute and have saved our customers millions of dollars, thousands of work and crew hours, and solved noise complaints from rattling manhole lids.

Lightweight: 6 to 11 pounds Heavy: 25 to 35 pounds
No Noise (great for HOAs) Can cause metal “clatter”
Corrosion Resistant Vulnerable to Rust
Stackable Cannot be stacked
Wide selection of sizes Limited sizes available
Local delivery Must be picked up at store
Made in the USA

Turner manhole rings are fabricated by injecting a polypropylene and fiberglass mixture into a mold under great pressure.  The mold is made of carbon steel that is machined to the exact dimension of your manhole casting.  The finished manhole riser ring then fits the manhole so precisely and is so molecularly dense that it remains permanently sealed and can withstand any natural force found on today’s roads without cracking. Turner rings can be used before or after the asphalt overlay is placed – increasing cost efficiency, lowering manpower time and saving you tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today to begin using Turner manhole risers.  When you contact us, please let us know if you are interested in manhole or water valve risers.  We’ll also need the measurements for your manholes.  Follow these steps to measure your manhole:

  1. Remove manhole or water valve lid
  2. Measure the depth of seat which will determine ring thickness (1’, 1.5”or 2”).
  3. Note the thickness of asphalt to be paved (1” or 2”)
  4. Measure the diameter of manhole frame, not lid.

Please Note:
  • Often debris will accumulate around the utility lid. This can prevent an accurate measurement of depth required if the lid is not removed.
  • Turner manhole and water valve adjustment rings can be stacked to achieve required thickness.

Turner Manhole Risers