Test Results

Turner manhole riser rings have been thoroughly tested to insure durability and strength for us in road and utility scenarios.  Our full tests results are available below.

Proof Load Test on “MHEXT 24150PE – 24″ x 1-1/2” high Polyethylene Manhole Riser (Liner)

PROCEDURE: An FJT Liner was placed over a manhole ring flame and covered with a common manhole cover. The full assembly (Please see photos) was placed on a calibrated 0-100,000 pounds DK No. I Universal Testing Machine and a concentrated load was applied at center using a 1/4-inch thick reinforced rubber pad (shore hardness “A” 80) on which a 1-inch thick 9-inch by 9-inch square steel plate was placed

Ten (10) percent of the load required was applied @ 5,000 lbs_ for one minute.

The load was applied to the assembly at a rate of 50,000 pounds per minute. Once attained, the 50,000 pound proof load was applied for one minute.

Results are as follows:

Test Number Material Identification Diameter Inches Load, Pounds Deflection @ Load Inches Permanent Set (No Load)
1 NY 1.5 TURNER CO, RALEIGH N.C. (liner) 24″ 50,000 095″ .037″
2 NY 1.5 TURNER CO, RALEIGH N.C. (liner) 24″ 50,000 096″ .035″

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Melt Flow, g/10 min (230° C/2.16kg) 3 ASTM-D1238
Filler Content, 15 Matrixx Method
Specific Gravity 1.00 ASTM-D792
 Notched IZOD Impact, ft-lb/in  2.0 ASTM-D256
 Gardner Impact, in-lb  <10 ASTM-D5420
 Tensile Yield Strength, psi 7900  ASTM-D638
 Tensile Elongation @ Yield,  8  ASTM-D638
 Flexural Modulus (tangent), psi 380,000  ASTM-D790
 HDT @ 66 PSI, °F  N/A  ASTM-D648
 HDT @ 264 PSI, °F  N/A  ASTM-D648
 Linear Mold Shrinkage, in/in 0.002 – 0.005  Matrixx Method
 Flammability, 1/8″ & 1/16″ HB*  UL-94

* Internal Matrixx testing only; not currently approved by Underwriters Laboratories.

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Turner Manhole Risers