Installation Instructions

From their inception, Turner manhole risers have been designed for easy and efficient installation by your road or utility crews.  Follow the instructions below to install your Turner manhole risers.  If you need assistance or have questions regarding installing your new manhole rises, please contact us directly.

  • Remove cover from manhole or water valve frame.
  • Clean frame.
  • Select ring to fit frame.
  • Place ring into frame to ensure that both flat surfaces are supported by frame.
  • Slide cover into ring.
  • Adjustment is complete and ready for resurfacing.

Please note:
  • The adjustment ring(s) can be used prior to or after the street resurfacing.  The contractor will remove all asphalt and debris from the manhole frame.  The properly sized ring will be installed to bring the manhole to the desired grade.
  • The contractor will make sure the ring is supported by both horizontal surfaces of the manhole frame.  After re-positioning the cover into the ring, the structure is ready for resurfacing or patching.

Turner Manhole Risers