With over 33 years of experience, Turner Company has earned the respect of its customers in many industries throughout the United States and Canada. From telecommunications to paving and utilities contractors to home-owner associations, Turner Company has exceeded expectations while lowering costs and saving time. Please take a moment to review what some of our customers have said about Turner Company and our Turner manhole riser rings. You can also review the full list of endorsements for our manhole riser rings on our Credentials page.

Barriere Construction has used the F.J. Turner Riser for 25 years. We have installed over 10,000 rings without any failures. This is the best adjustment ring on the market.

Bert Wilson
Barriere Construction, Division President
New Orleans, LA

The F.J. Turner Riser has been the specified product to raise manholes in San Diego for 20 years. We have used so many over the years and are 100% satisfied.

Wayne Mello
SRM Contracting, Chief Project Manager
San Diego, CA

When I was Assistant Director of the street maintenance department with the City of Los Angeles, we thoroughly tested the Turner Ring. It was the first and only riser we ever allowed, and with 40,000 installed since then, we found the best product on the market for our streets.

Curt Bianchi
City of Los Angeles, Former Head of Street Maintenance
Los Angeles, CA

We have used the F.J. Turner manhole riser for over 20 years throughout greater Orlando. This is the best way to raise manholes.

James Johnson
Orlando Paving, Project Manager
Orlando, FL

Turner Manhole Risers